A consult with an attorney is basically a sales pitch.  They gather a brief overview of your facts and try to sign another client. The goal of a typical law office is not to inform potential clients of the ins and outs of a divorce, but to explain why they are your best option.

Our consultations are essentially a reverse sales pitch.  Most attorneys are looking to use a 30 minute consult to retain future billable hours.  My focus is to educate clients, so that they feel comfortable even without an attorney. Every business starts with a mission.  The mission for Bojazi, LLC is to ensure that financial situations don’t restrict your ability to fight for your family!

Bojazi, LLC provides substantive information with an in-depth look at factors unique to your divorce.  We review legal theory, strategy, arguments, negotiation techniques and much more. We will discuss how to navigate present and future issues that will arise. The information that you learn will help in multiple ways.  It will educate you so that you feel more comfortable if you wish to handle your divorce yourself.  It also will reduce billable hours if you ever decide to hire an attorney.