You have options!

Here are examples of consultations to educate clients on upcoming/current divorces.  These consultations are made to help save clients attorney fees and gain peace of mind.

Phone-A-Friend (who happens to be a lawyer) Consultation

You may be already going through the process of divorce, custody or support and have questions. Most people may have gone through the final steps but want to know options for modification of orders. Consultations are not just for people beginning a divorce but also those currently going through them. This consultations allows for people to have an option to essentially phone-a-friend (who happens to be a lawyer) and ask questions. You do not have to be stressed and lose sleep at night. No matter where you are at in your specific situation, there is an option for you to have questions answered. Call anytime to set up a quick question support consultation.

Divorce/Equitable Distribution Consultation

This consultation includes reviewing the different types of divorces and discussing the pros and cons of these options. We go over the timeline of a divorce, procedural issues and review sample complaint. This consultation also includes information on the legal theory behind the concept equitable distribution and factors that will be deemed relevant to the Courts. Lastly, we will discuss negotiation strategies that can be used to possibly foster positive settlements. Sample forms can be available.

Child Custody Consultation

This consultation includes reviewing procedural issues connected to a potential child custody case. It will inform you about the factors relevant to the Court in child custody cases. This will help prepare for future hearings. We will discuss ways to anticipate arguments that will be used against you by the opposing party. Also, you will be informed of future issues that may arise and how to address those through the Court. This consultation is meant to educate you from filing that first petition to dealing with current and future issues within the Court. Sample forms can be included.

Support Consultation

This consultation includes reviewing the 4 common areas of support that pertain to divorces. These include child support, spousal support, alimony pendente lite and alimony. We review procedural issues relating to all of the above sections. We highlight what differentiates these areas of support and how they effects your specific case. This includes reviewing specific formulas for calculation. We will discuss factors that a master/judge will find important during hearings. The purpose is to understand factors, arguments, and counterarguments relevant to your case. We will also discuss future issues that may arise so that you can be proactive when the situation presents itself. Sample forms can be included.

Review/Draft Settlement Agreements Consultation

There are times when both parties try to work it out. Typically one attorney, whether for the husband or wife, will draft an agreement for both to sign. We can help draft settlement agreements . If you are presented with a settlement agreement drafted by an attorney, we can review the settlement agreement. It is important to have your own attorney review any settlement agreement to make sure there are no red flags that may cause issues in the future.