Frequently Asked Questions

Would you be acting as an attorney?

Yes, this office will be working with limited scope representation through consultations.

What is limited scope representation?

Limited scope representation will be centered around a consultation discussing present and future issues that are specific to your case.  Limited scope representation terminates after the consult.

Why choose limited scope representation?

Most people are unable to afford hourly legal fees and everyone deserves to have a chance to control their divorce.

Can these Consults be done over the computer?

Yes, consults can be in-person or virtual.

Do your consults focus on only current issues?

No. The goal is to prepare you for not only present but also potential future issues! We want clients to have education that allows them to be proactive in the future when situations change.

What would a typical case cost?

A divorce is a long process with multiple hearing dates.  A lawyer can easily cost up to $20,000-$30,000.

How are divorce attorneys paid?

Attorneys are paid through billable hours.

What are Billable hours?

Billable hours includes any time that is spent preparing for your case including emails, calls, research, drafting, simply building a strategy for your case, travel time and any required litigation. It is easy to see how hourly fees increase quickly.

What is the average Attorney cost?

Attorneys typically charge anywhere between $250-$450 an hour, with a $3000-$5000.00 retainer. A retainer is a fee or down-payment paid to open a file.