Four Course Consultation Plan To Prepare You For Divorce

Ready to get involved? Here are the four main consultation courses to learn before going into your divorce. If you want to save money, then remember knowledge is power!

Divorce Consultation

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Child Custody Consultation

Procedural issues relevant to custody issues. In-depth strategies to help navigate child custody trials. Analysis of future issues that will arise throughout the duration of the divorce. Sample petitions can be included.

Support Consultation

Child Support/ Spousal Support / Alimony Pendeti lite/ Alimony
Procedural issues relating to all of the above sections
legal analysis and strategies to help navigate hearing and possible outcomes
Factors relevant to the court for each section
Discussion of not only current but also future issues that will undoubtedly arise

Equitable Distribution

Discuss the procedural issues regarding and determine what is considered property that is included within Equitable Distribution. Discuss legal strategies which can help with future litigation or negotiations that will arise through the Equitable Distribution process. Sample Petitions can be included

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